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The Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority operates on a calendar year basis with the annual budget providing the financial plan. The budget contains an itemized statement of estimated revenues from all sources and the estimated cost of all capital development and operations. A public hearing on the proposed budget is held prior to the December Board of Commissioners meeting each year. At the December Board meeting, the Board of Commissioners adopts the budget in accordance with and subject to the requirements of the Uniform budget and Accounting Act, Act #2 Public Acts of 1968, as amended.

Five-Year Plan

The Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority produces a rolling five-year plan annually. This plan provides high level direction for Revenues and Expenditures and the impact of these on Fund Balance as projected into the future. This plan is amended each year to reflect current information. The plan includes a summary page, key assumptions and a schedule of capital improvement projects by park.

Independent Audit

The Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority retains an independent public accounting firm to perform an annual audit on all financial activities of the Metroparks. The auditor’s opinion is contained in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Tax Rates

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