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Have a question? You may find what you’re looking for below.  

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Metroparks at (810) 227-2757 or email us at 


How Do I Get Into The Metroparks?

All vehicles entering any Metropark property must have a current annual pass or a daily pass. These passes give you access to all 13 Huron-Clinton Metroparks. 

Where Can I Purchase An Annual Or Daily Pass? 

You can purchase annual passes at toll booths, park offices, over the phone at (810) 227-2757, and online! Click here to buy a pass online.

How Much Do Passes Cost? 

Resident pricing is available for patrons living in Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties. 

  Resident Annual Pass Price  Non-Resident Annual Pass Price 
Annual Vehicle Pass  $40  $45 
Annual Boat Pass  $35  $40 
Annual Vehicle & Boat Pass  $75  $80 
Senior Annual Vehicle Pass  $29  $34 
Senior Annual Boat Pass  $24  $29 
Senior Annual Vehicle & Boat  $53  $58 

 Joint Combination Annual  Pass with Oakland County Parks 

  • Oakland County/Metropark Annual Pass: $64 – This combination permit for vehicles allows entry into the 13 Metroparks and Oakland County Parks. 

Daily Fee 

  • $10 per vehicle 
  • $10 daily boat trailer fee 

Disabled Veterans 

Do I Need A Pass To Enter On Foot?

Walkers, bicyclists and inline skaters can enjoy free access to all Metroparks by entering through the park roads and hike/bike trails. 

Does My Michigan Recreation Passport Qualify For Admission?

Michigan’s Recreation Passport, purchased for your Michigan license plate, does not allow entry into the Metroparks. The Huron-Clinton Metroparks is a separate regional park system from the Michigan State Parks and requires its own entry permit. 

Do You Offer Senior Discounts?

The Metroparks offer discounted passes to Seniors (62+). 

Senior Passes (62+) require ID verification and can be purchased at any toll booth, golf course, park office, or online. Click here to purchase your pass online. 

Resident pricing is available for patrons living in Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne county. 

Annual Passes Seniors (age 62+) 

  • Resident Annual Vehicle Pass: $29 
  • Non-Resident Annual Vehicle Pass: $34 
  • Resident Annual Boat Pass: $24 
  • Non-Resident Annual Boat Pass: $29 
  • Resident Annual Vehicle/Boat Pass: $53 – This combination permit for vehicles and boats allows a vehicle with a boat trailer to enter the Metroparks. 
  • Non-Resident Annual Vehicle/Boat Pass: $58 – This combination permit for vehicles and boats allows a vehicle with a boat trailer to enter the Metroparks. 

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

The Metroparks accepts Cash, Checks or Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard and Discover) for entry, events, rentals and concessions. 

How Should I Remove My Old Annual Pass?

Your annual pass sticker should easily pull away from your windshield. However, some stickers may require a little extra effort. Coaxing off the sticker with hot water and vinegar usually works well. 

Can I Exchange My Annual Pass For A New One?

The Metroparks will gladly exchange an annual pass for the following reasons: 

  1. Your vehicle’s windshield is due to be replaced. 
  2. You have purchased a new vehicle. 

To exchange an annual pass, please: 

  1. Write down the serial number which appears on the lower right-hand corner of the pass. 
  2. Remove the entire pass from your windshield (making sure it includes the serial number). 
  3. Bring your old pass to any Huron-Clinton Metropark toll booth or park office. You’ll be issued a new pass at no additional charge. 


Are Alcoholic Beverages Permitted?

Only beer and wine may be consumed in picnic areas or other areas designated by the Metroparks. Alcoholic beverages may be permitted in accordance with Rules & Regulations of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission and only in areas designated by the Metroparks. No person shall possess any alcoholic beverages in any park or park area during times when notice is posted of such closure. 

Can My Pet Come Too?

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted in all areas. Other dogs and other pets are permitted in parks only when kept on a leash not over 6 feet in length and kept under the immediate control of a responsible person. The owner will assume full responsibility for all pets. Pets are not permitted in the nature and farm areas, on beaches or in buildings at any time.  

Riding or leading a horse within the boundaries of any of the Metroparks is permitted only within specific designated areas and by those in possession of a bridle tag. 

Please contact the park ahead of time if you have questions. 

Can I Fly A Drone?

Launching, landing or operating unmanned aircraft like radio-controlled airplanes and drones is permitted at the Metroparks in accordance with federal and state laws, with the following location restrictions.

Click here to view more drone information.

Do You Allow Metal Detecting? 

Metal detecting is permitted in many, but not all, areas of the Metroparks. A permit is required (no cost) which can be picked up at the park office. Please check with individual parks to see where detecting is prohibited. 

Am I Allowed To Forage?

The Metroparks does not allow for the collection or foraging of any plant, animal or object from any Metropark at any time. This includes, but is not limited to: stones, plants, insects, mushrooms, sticks, roots and soil. 


How Do I Find My Way Around?

Click here to view all park maps. Park maps are also available in print at each Park Office. 

Are The Metroparks Accessible?

We strive to create a space where everyone can take time to enjoy the natural world. That’s why we have enhanced our accessible features across all 13 parks. Click here to learn about accessibility at your Metroparks or request an accomodation.

Do You Rent Facilities For Events?

The Metroparks regularly books picnic shelters and other venues to private parties. Click here to learn more about planning your event and rentals. 

Are There Areas For Off Road Vehicles?

In nearly every case, the operation of a motorized vehicle off paved roads is strictly prohibited at every Metropark. Prohibited vehicles include, minibikes, motorcycles, dune mobiles, snowmobiles, converted snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, amphibious vehicles, Segways, Hoverboards, e-bikes (click here to learn more about e-bikes) and more. 

Is Camping Allowed At The Metroparks?

Camping is permitted only in designated campgrounds and group camps with reservations. 

Are Fires Permitted?

Cooking fires and campfires are permitted only within areas designated by the Metroparks (bonfire rings and grills). All fires must be controlled, always observed and tended to by a responsible adult. Ash and coals must be disposed of in a designated barrel labeled “Hot Coals” and NOT on the ground, in trash cans or elsewhere. 

Can I Leave My Vehicle Overnight?

Permission to leave a vehicle overnight for special circumstances may be obtained by contacting the Park Office. Any vehicles left overnight without approval may be towed at the owner’s expense. 


Do You Want to Volunteer?

Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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