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If you don’t find the answer you are looking for below, please contact the Huron-Clinton Metroparks front desk at (810) 227-2757 or

Accepted Payment Methods

Cash, Check, or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover)

Alcoholic Beverages

Beer and wine may only be consumed in picnic areas or areas designated by the Metroparks. Alcoholic beverages may be permitted in accordance with Rules & Regulations of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission and only in areas designated by the Metroparks. No person shall possess any alcoholic beverages in any park or park area during times when notice is posted of such closure.

Annual Pass Exchange Policy

The Metroparks will gladly exchange an annual pass for the following reasons:

  1. The windshield is to be replaced on your vehicle.
  2. You have purchased a new vehicle.

To exchange an annual pass, please:

  1. Write down the serial number which appears on the lower right hand corner of the pass
  2. Remove the entire pass from the windshield (making sure it includes the serial number)
  3. Bring the old pass to any Huron-Clinton Metropark toll booth or park office and you’ll be issued a new pass at no additional charge.

The sticker should pull off easily from your windshield; however, some stickers take a bit of “coaxing”. Hot, vinegar water applied with a sponge usually works well.


Camping is restricted to special areas and times or organized youth groups who have obtained written permission in advance of the camping period and who have paid the camping fee designated by the Metroparks. Camping is permitted only in those areas designated for that purpose by the Metroparks. Tents or shelters are not permitted in picnic areas without permission from the Metroparks.

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Drone Policy

The launching, landing, or operating of unmanned aircraft (e.g. radio controlled airplanes, drones, etc.) shall be permitted in the Metroparks in accordance with federal and state laws, with the following location restrictions. Nothing in this provision shall pre-empt Federal Public Law 112-95, Section 336-Special Rule for Model Aircraft, Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulation (14 CFR) Part 107, and State of Michigan Public Act 436 of 2016.

  1. Unmanned aircraft shall not be flown over bathhouses located at any beach or aquatic facilities.
  2. Endangered Species. Unmanned aircraft shall not to be used in any area of the parks in violation of state and federal endangered species act and other protective laws for species such as bald eagles which are protected year-round from unnecessary harassment per the Bald and Golden Eagle act.
  3. When flown within 5 miles of an airport, the operator of the aircraft provides the airport operator and the airport air traffic control tower (when an air traffic facility is located at the airport) with prior notice of the operation.
1Selfridge ANGB Airport (Military Airport)(586) 239-4724View Website
2Ray Community Airport(586) 749-9558View Website
3Dodge Airport-MI50(586) 752-3002
4Romeo Airport-D98(586) 336-9116View Website
5Oakland County International Airport(248) 666-3900View Website
6Pontiac VORTAC PSI 111.0
7Oakland County Southwest Airport(248) 437-2333View Website
8Brighton Airport-45GN/AView Website
9Cackleberry Airport(734) 426-4493View Website
10Willow Run Airport(734) 482-5825View Website
11Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport(734) 942-3550View Website
12Carls Airport(734) 782-9523
13Mills Field(734) 586-7184
14Grosse Ile Municipal Airport(734) 675-0155View Website


Facility Rental

To learn more about Shelter and Venue reservations click here.

Group Rate Discounts on Vehicle Permits

Group rates will be discounted to the nearest dollar at 10% for fifty to one-thousand (50-1,000) permits, 20% for one-thousand-and one to ten-thousand (1,000-10,000) permits, and 35% for ten-thousand and one (10,001) or more permits.

Individuals, businesses that purchase annual permits through the group rate discount program are permitted to sell the annual permits at the group discount rate.  Permits cannot be sold at a higher rate than what was paid at the group discount rate. The group may distribute the permits at little or no charge. Permits may be given as gifts.

Off Road Vehicles

No person shall operate off-the-road, within the boundaries of any park, any motor-driven vehicle, including, by way of example but not by way of limitation, any minibike, motorcycle, dune mobile, snowmobile, converted snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, amphibious vehicle, Segway, Hoverboard or similar motorized device.


A Metropark Motor Vehicle Entry Pass gives you access to all 13 Huron-Clinton Metroparks. 2020 Vehicle Entry Passes are on sale now! Annual permits are valid from the time of purchase through December 31, 2020.

You can purchase them at toll booths, park offices, interpretive centers and online!

Annual Passes

  • Annual Vehicle Pass: $40
  • Annual Boat Pass: $35
  • Annual Vehicle/Boat Pass: $75 – This combination permit for vehicles and boats allows a vehicle with a boat trailer to enter the Metroparks.

Annual Passes Seniors (age 62+)

  • Annual Vehicle Pass: $29
  • Annual Boat Pass: $24
  • Annual Vehicle/Boat Pass: $53 – This combination permit for vehicles and boats allows a vehicle with a boat trailer to enter the Metroparks.

Joint Combination Vehicle Pass

  • $59 – This combination permit for vehicles allows entry into the Metroparks and Oakland County Parks.

Daily Fee

  • $10 per vehicle
  • $10 daily boat trailer fee

Disabled Veterans

  • Free park entry with a state-issued Disabled Veteran license plate. More Info

Walkers, bicyclists, and inline skaters can enjoy free access to all Metroparks by entering through the park roads and hike/bike trails.

NOTE: Michigan’s Recreation Passport, purchased for your Michigan license plate, does not allow entry into the Metroparks. The Huron-Clinton Metroparks is a separate regional park system than the Michigan State Parks, and requires its own entry permit.

Senior Passes

Senior Passes (62+) require ID verification and can be purchased at any Metropark Toll Booth, Golf Course, Park Office or Interpretive Center.

Annual Passes Seniors (age 62+)

  • Annual Vehicle Pass: $29
  • Annual Boat Pass: $24
  • Annual Vehicle/Boat Pass: $53 – This combination permit for vehicles and boats allows a vehicle with a boat trailer to enter the Metroparks.

Leaving Vehicles Overnight

Permission to leave a vehicle overnight for special circumstances may be approved by contacting the Park Office. Any vehicles left overnight without approval may be towed at the owners expense.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting is permitted in many, but not all, areas of the Metroparks. A permit is required (no cost) which can be picked up at the park office. Please check with individual parks to see where detecting is prohibited.

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Metropark Maps

All Metropark maps can be viewed Here


Dogs and other pets are permitted in parks only when kept on a leash not over six feet in length and kept under the immediate control of a responsible person. They are not permitted in nature & farm areas, on beaches or in buildings. The owner will assume full responsibility for all pets. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted in all areas. No person shall ride or lead any horse within the boundaries of any park, except in areas designated by the Metroparks and in possession of a Metroparks bridle tag.

Please contact the park ahead of time if you have questions.


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Volunteer Opportunities

Click here to learn more about volunteering opportunities at the Huron-Clinton Metroparks.

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