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It takes a lot of work to make the Metroparks work. Learn more about the ways our Planning & Development team helps us fulfill our mission.


Here at the Metroparks, our Planning & Development Department plays a critical role in making sure the improvements and enhancements we bring to our 13 properties are informed by relevant, accurate and useful data and analysis. 

The Planning & Development team focuses on creating and assessing ways to expand and strengthen our infrastructure and other assets, guided by three main goals identified in our Strategic Plan: Listen & Connect, Maintain & Invest, and Conserve & Steward.

Our staff has a deep academic and applied experience in a diversity of related disciplines, including urban and regional planning, landscape architecture, grant writing, policy, and public engagement. They’re responsible for leading and coordinating initiatives in: 


Community Recreation Plan

The 2023-2027 Community Recreation Plan was developed and approved by the Board of Commissioners and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) in 2023. The structure and contents of this planning document are specified by the Michigan DNR, and the Metroparks updates the plan every 5 years. The next planning process will be facilitated in 2026.

Park Access Plan

This plan identifies opportunities to connect the Metroparks to public transportation and nonmotorized transportation systems to increase access for all residents of the region.

Park Master Plans

The original park master plans were completed and approved by the Board of Commissioners between 2016 and 2018. These plans include assessments of conditions existing at the time of the plan development, a summary of public input, needs and opportunities, and action items for a 10-year planning horizon.

A five-year update was conducted for all park master plans, as an opportunity for each of the 13 Metroparks to review their master plan and make sure it is still relevant. This review included 1) major changes to facilities, infrastructure and programming in the park; 2) updated needs and opportunities; 3) completed action items; and 4) any new actions necessary to implement the goals and policies for the park. The Board of Commissioners approves all updated master plans.

Stormwater Management Plan

Approved by the Board of Commissioners in September 2019, the Metroparks Stormwater Management Plan (developed by OHM Advisors) identifies project recommendations regarding stormwater conveyance structure maintenance and replacement, streambank restoration, shoreline protection, and green infrastructure projects throughout the system. The plan is divided into chapters by park. If you would like to provide comments and feedback on the Stormwater Managment plan, please click here to submit a contact form.

Livingston County Trail Connection Feasibility Report

The Livingston County Trail Connection Feasibility Study was funded by Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Fund through the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan in order to determine a final safe and efficient non-motorized connection between four large regional parks: Brighton Recreation Area, Huron Meadows Metropark, Island Lake Recreation Area, and Kensington Metropark. Funding through Congresswoman Slotkin’s FY 2022 Community Project Funding program will assist with the design engineering of the selected route alternative.

Two mountain bikers enjoy the trails at Stony Creek Metropark.


Throughout the year our planning and development team has a variety of opportunities for visitors and community members to provide input on projects and plans. Check back here periodically for how YOU can help guide future projects at the Metroparks.

Metroparks Accessibility Surveys

The Metroparks are committed to removing barriers, creating access, improving access and increasing recreation opportunities for all. As we look to the future, we will develop, update and improve facilities to meet or exceed the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Also, we’ll look for ways to remove barriers to access so that individuals of all abilities have equitable access to Metroparks facilities, programs, services and activities. Part of that commitment is regularly updating our ADA Transition Plan which is intended to guide the Metroparks efforts in providing inclusivity for all visitors. We want your input on what accessible features are most important to you.

Each park has its own survey, please click on the name of the Metropark you would like to take the survey for. You can take a survey for any or all Metroparks. For questions on the survey or the ADA Transition Plan please contact Jason Bibby, or 810-494-6031.

Renovations for the Nature Center at Lake St. Clair Metropark

The Huron-Clinton Metroparks will be conducting a feasibility study later this summer to better understand how we can renovate the Nature Center at Lake St. Clair Metropark to better suit our visitors’ needs.

In addition to the Nature Center, our Natural Resources Department will also be starting a phased restoration project in the natural area behind the Nature Center. The project will primarily address the large percent of cottonwood trees in the Lake St Clair Marsh that have died due to high water levels and natural old age of the species. This summer, the Natural Resources Department will begin a multi-year project to fell and remove the dead cottonwoods and plant a diverse selection of trees in their place. By selecting several species for replacement, it will create a landscape more resilient to tree pests and effects of climate change.

We need your input for renovations at the Nature Center at Lake St. Clair Metropark. Please click on the link to take the survey  below.

Click here to take survey and provide feedback.

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