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Bird of the Week: Cape May Warbler

September 26, 2022  This small, tiger striped warbler lives an incredible double life: it winters in the Caribbean where it inhabits a variety of trees, and during the summer breeding season heads for northern boreal forests where it specifically nests…

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Bird of the Week: Northern Parula

September 20,2022 September signals the start of fall warbler migration in southeast Michigan, so now is your chance to spot this week’s Bird of the Week, the Northern Parula, and many other warblers on the long southern flight to their…

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Bird of the Week: Nashville Warbler

September 12, 2022 “Sipa sipa sipa sipa tea-tea-tea-tea!” The endearing song of the Nashville Warbler, this week’s Bird of the Week, can be heard across the state during spring and fall migration in May and September. With a small body…

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Bird of the Week: Belted Kingfisher

September 5, 2022 If you have ever noticed a bird flying quickly up and down rivers and shorelines, while giving a loud, rattling call, you might have spotted a Belted Kingfisher. They also spend much of their time perched on…

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Bird of the Week: Ruddy Turnstone

8/29/22 While visiting the shorelines of our parks this time of year keep your eyes on the lookout for a brightly colored migratory visitor. Playfully called the calico cat of birds, the Ruddy Turnstone is the most colorful shorebird you’ll…

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Bird of the Week: Green Heron

August 8, 2022 Unlike many other herons with their long necks and slender appearance, green herons are short and stocky birds. It can be identified by it’s green back and head, long legs, and rusty or tan underside. Green herons…

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Bird of the Week: Swamp Sparrow

Walking along the border of a wetland you may hear the sweet, musical-yet-monotonous trill of the Swamp Sparrow. Much of their body is a mix of unassuming earth tones: black, brown, and gray dominate their back, while their underside tends…

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Bird of the Week: Killdeer

This quick-stepping, lawn-loving shorebird seems to be full of contradictions. While most members of the plover family spend their time on Michigan’s beaches and shorelines, making laying eggs and raising young in the sand, the Killdeer can most easily be…

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Bird of the Week: Bank Swallow

The smallest of the North American swallows, the silhouette of a bank swallow shares the large head, small bill, pointed wings, and forked tail with others in its family (though the wing point and tail fork are less pronounced than…

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Bird of the Week: Eastern Wood-Pewee

Visiting a thick-canopied forest during the dog days of summer can feel like entering a bird desert… until you hear the cheery, languid pee-a-wee of the eastern wood-pewee.  While many summertime birds are high up in the canopy and out…

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