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Bird of the Week: Nashville Warbler

September 12, 2022

“Sipa sipa sipa sipa tea-tea-tea-tea!” The endearing song of the Nashville Warbler, this week’s Bird of the Week, can be heard across the state during spring and fall migration in May and September. With a small body that is yellow underneath, green/grey above, a grey head and a very noticeable white ring around the eyes, this tiny bird is relatively easy to identify. The name might lead you to think this warbler is southern, but this bird nests in the northern and western US and southern Canada. You might be wondering why it’s named the Nashville Warbler if the bird only briefly stops in Tennessee to refuel during migration, right? It was first spotted in Nashville, Tennessee by ornithologist Alexander Wilson – you find it, you name it! Look for this warbler in your Metroparks this September, during their southern migration. It will be feasting on insects such as flies, caterpillars and beetles to fuel up for the long journey south. Don’t forget to sip your tea, or maybe just grab a pair of binoculars and enjoy a long relaxing walk in the woods. Happy Birding!

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