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Bird of the Week: Great Egret

Standing just over 3 feet tall and weighing in around 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) is this week’s Bird of the Week, the Great Egret. This long-legged bird can be seen wading slowly or standing immobile hunting for fish, frogs and…

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Bird of the Week: Red-eyed Vireo

Described perfectly by some naturalists as "drab little birds with colorful songs," vireos are birds you notice by ear more than eye. Well-camouflaged by virtue of being both mousey in color and size, secretive, and out of sight as they…

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Bird of the Week: Bald Eagle

Happy Independence Day from your Metroparks! This week’s Bird of the Week feature is the Bald Eagle. The Bald Eagle was chosen as the symbol of the United States in 1782 for its strength, longevity and majestic appearance, which represents…

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Bird of the Week: American Wigeon

The American wigeon, colloquially known as ‘baldpate' can be seen in Michigan during migration. This bird gets its common name from the white forehead and crown of the male, which gives it the appearance of being bald. Males can often…

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Bird of the Week: American Bittern

The American Bittern is a medium sized heron with a stout body and a long neck that gradually tapers into a daggerlike bill. This bird is found in wetlands throughout the United States, primarily foraging in inland freshwater marshes for…

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Bird of the Week: Sora

The Sora is a bird that is more often heard than seen. Its distinctive whinny can be heard in wetlands with dense marsh vegetation like cattails, rushes and sedges. This small, round, secretive marsh bird is grey and brown with…

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Bird of the Week: Scarlet Tanager

This summer resident is hard to miss. The male Scarlet Tanager is bright red with black wings and tail, while females are olive with grayish brown wings. Beginning in late July and early August, the male scarlet tanager will molt…

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Bird of the Week: Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Look and listen for this summer resident to know that the season of sun is almost here! Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are found throughout the state during late spring to early fall, visiting feeders and nesting in woodlands and forest edges. The…

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Bird of the Week: Common Tern

The Common Tern is the most widespread tern in North America and is commonly seen along the shores of oceans and large inland lakes such as the Great Lakes, on barrier islands, in coastal marshes and on beaches. Each year,…

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Bird of the Week: Black-throated Blue Warbler

If you see a flash of black and blue flying through the woods of Michigan in the spring, you might have seen this week’s #BirdoftheWeek, the Black-throated Blue Warbler! This bird is one of the more easily identifiable warbler species…

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