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Bird of the Week: Bald Eagle

Happy Independence Day from your Metroparks! This week’s Bird of the Week feature is the Bald Eagle. The Bald Eagle was chosen as the symbol of the United States in 1782 for its strength, longevity and majestic appearance, which represents…

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Bird of the Week: Canvasback

Have you ever seen a large duck with a triangular head diving in a body of water? If that duck had a white body, black chest, rear and beak and a chestnut-colored head, you spotted this week’s Bird of the…

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Improving Water Safety in Southeast Michigan

Metroparks partners on swim lessons and regional programming plan Studies have shown 70 percent of Detroit children have little to no swimming ability, which demonstrates a dire need to reduce water-related injuries and drowning deaths. In a united effort to…

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Native American Heritage Month

Native American culture is deeply ingrained in the history of Southeastern Michigan, including the land the Metroparks now occupy. This Native American Heritage Month we encourage you to learn more about the heritage, culture and history of Indigenous peoples. To…

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Exploring Proposal 1

As election day draws near, there are several campaigns circulating to bring awareness to Proposal 1 on the Michigan ballot.  We have heard that many people might not understand what that means and what they are voting for. For more…

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