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WaterWise: Empowering Students Through Stormwater Education

May 15, 2024 By Stephanie Kozak, Park Interpreter At Hudson Mills Metropark, we are embarking on an exciting new initiative called WaterWise: Empowering Students Through Stormwater Education. This initiative arose from our desire to spotlight one of the park's most…

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Baby Animal Season:  Keeping wildlife wild!

April 24, 2024 By Jolene Weick, Park Interpreter Spring has sprung and that means Mother Nature is showing off her skills again. The trees are finally showing signs of life, the grass is greener, the ephemerals have come and gone,…

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Find Accessible Amenities & Equipment Across the Parks

The Metroparks are dedicated to providing enjoyable experiences for visitors of all abilities. We consider accessibility in all new projects and renovations, and many facilities already have accessible options for visitors of varying abilities. As you plan your visit, please…

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Harnessing the Potential of Lawns

April 17, 2024 By: Alexis Olechowski, Interpretive staff As you stroll through an American neighborhood, what catches your eye? Often, it's the sight of scattered trees and shrubs amid expansive, meticulously manicured lawns. Traditionally, these lawns have been pristine carpets…

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Every Day is Earth Day in the Metroparks

April 10, 2024 Erin Parker, Interpretive Services Supervisor Plastic bottles, granola bar wrappers, juice boxes, plastic bags, aluminum foil, orange peels, pet waste. What do these items have in common? They’re frequently spotted out in the parks in places they…

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The Most Beneficial Gardener Is a Lazy One!

April 3, 2024 By: Alexis Olechowski, Park Interpreter As we gaze upon our frost-kissed gardens, tradition nudges us toward a fall cleanup and a “clean slate” come spring. But fret not, for here's your official approval to postpone! From leaf-raking…

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