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Bird of the Week: Marsh Wren

October 4, 2022 A hidden voice of the marsh, this diminutive but feisty ball of feathers is more often heard than seen. The boisterous males sing incessantly, often spending up to twenty minutes blurting out their loud and chaotic mixture…

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Living Fossils: Lake Sturgeon

A living fossil making a Great Lakes comeback, September 28, 2022 Imagine a fish that reaches lengths of almost seven feet and a weight of nearly 200 pounds. Instead of scales, this fish is covered with hard plates of armor-like…

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Bird of the Week: Cape May Warbler

September 26, 2022  This small, tiger striped warbler lives an incredible double life: it winters in the Caribbean where it inhabits a variety of trees, and during the summer breeding season heads for northern boreal forests where it specifically nests…

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Everyone in the pool!

Metroparks partnered with Organizations in Southeast Michigan to teach kids how to swim. Your Metroparks are committed to improving water safety so that all Michiganders can safely and confidently enjoy the pools, lakes and rivers our state has to offer.…

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Bird of the Week: Northern Parula

September 20,2022 September signals the start of fall warbler migration in southeast Michigan, so now is your chance to spot this week’s Bird of the Week, the Northern Parula, and many other warblers on the long southern flight to their…

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Living Fossils: Horsetail Fern

September 14, 2022-Mike Broughton, Community Outreach Interpreter Spend any time on the trails in the Metroparks and you have probably seen this plant. A “living fossil” horsetail is related to large, tree-like plants that thrived 400 million years ago during…

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Bird of the Week: Nashville Warbler

September 12, 2022 “Sipa sipa sipa sipa tea-tea-tea-tea!” The endearing song of the Nashville Warbler, this week’s Bird of the Week, can be heard across the state during spring and fall migration in May and September. With a small body…

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