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Wild Wednesday: Spiny Softshell Turtle

The spiny softshell turtle is an aquatic turtle and one of the largest turtles in Michigan. Unlike most turtles, their shell isn’t hard but is instead soft, flat, and rubbery and the edges of the shell have small spines which…

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Bird of the Week: Yellow Warbler

Few other birds are more appropriately named for a singular color than this small but bright warbler, decked out from head to toe in brilliant yellow. Unlike many of its close relatives that only pass through southeast Michigan for a…

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Water Footprints

Author: Victoria Taylor Sluder, HCMA District Interpretive Services Supervisor We all have a water footprint. In the same way that environmental groups talk about “carbon footprints” and greenhouse gases, the activities and choices of people leave their marks on another…

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Bird of the Week: Common Nighthawk

What bird sounds like a 64-bit Nintendo game, flits and dives with the grace of a giant bat, and has a name that would make a superhero jealous?  The not-so-common Common Nighthawk!  This member of the nightjar family has the…

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Bird of the Week: Chestnut-sided Warbler

Pleased, pleased, pleased to meetcha! This sweet song belongs to this week’s Bird of the Week, the Chestnut-sided Warbler. This small wood warbler migrates from its wintering grounds on the edges of forests and shade-coffee plantations of Central America to…

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Bird of the Week: Blackburnian Warbler

If there was a list of brightly colored Michigan animals that look like they belong in a tropical rainforest, the fiery Blackburnian Warbler would be right near the top. In this case that would be partially accurate, since these birds…

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