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Your Metroparks will be Scanning Park Passes this Year

If you’re a regular Metroparks visitor, you may have noticed that your annual pass this year has a barcode, and you may be wondering why.

Here at your Huron-Clinton Metroparks, we’re committed to serving the community we call home: Southeast Michigan. That’s why we’ve implemented a new system to help us better understand who’s using the Metroparks and how we can better meet the needs of everyone across the community.

This year’s Metroparks season pass includes something new: A bar code that Metroparks staff can scan at the tollbooth, anytime you enter one of our 13 Metroparks properties. Because we now ask for ZIP codes when daily or annual passes are sold, we’re able to track which ZIP codes our pass users are coming from and which Metroparks they’re visiting. This information will help us understand who’s currently using the Metroparks and who’s not. Which will allow us to create better amenities, experiences and programming to attract more visitors every year.  We will begin scanning all park passes at all 13 locations on May 1.

Now, we understand people are concerned about privacy these days. We share your concerns. Which is why we’re only capturing ZIP codes. It’s also why, if you’re uncomfortable sharing your ZIP code with us, we respect your choice.

Thanks for supporting the Metroparks. We look forward to seeing you throughout the year

Download Informational Flyer – Available in three languages
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