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The Albino Deer at Kensington Metropark had Twin Fawns

As spring emerges at the Huron-Clinton Metroparks, so do the baby animals. Be on the lookout for young turtles crossing the road, birds fledging from the nest, and fawns being hidden in the grass by their mothers. We discovered yesterday that the albino deer that calls Kensington Metropark home gave birth to a set of twin fawns.

Please remember to keep your distance from wildlife as a human visitor; the mother may not be in sight but she always has a watchful eye. While exploring, please remember to park in designated areas throughout the park and be mindful of other visitors’ park experience.

While visiting Kensington Metropark keep your eyes watchful for the elusive white deer. This deer is albino; an animal with a genetic mutation where it is unable to produce melanin – a dark pigment which produces the typical coloration of the animal. Albinism in deer is rare, there is a one in 10,000 chance of a parent passing the gene to its offspring. Due to the concentration of the gene in the deer population at Kensington Metropark the chances of an albino being born here are higher. If you do get an opportunity to spot the rare Albino deer, or its new twin fawns, at Kensington Metropark, please allow them to enjoy their beautiful home by respecting their space.

Media requests and inquiries can be sent to the Metroparks Chief of Marketing and Communications at or 810.494.6009.

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