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Water Footprints

Author: Victoria Taylor Sluder, HCMA District Interpretive Services Supervisor We all have a water footprint. In the same way that environmental groups talk about “carbon footprints” and greenhouse gases, the activities and choices of people leave their marks on another…

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Where Does Rain Go and What is a Bioswale?!

Author: Erin Parker, Eastern District Interpretive Services Supervisor Where does water go when it rains? Imagine you could shrink to the size of a single droplet and let’s find out! First, where you land matters a lot to how quickly…

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Improving Water Safety in Southeast Michigan

Metroparks partners on swim lessons and regional programming plan Studies have shown 70 percent of Detroit children have little to no swimming ability, which demonstrates a dire need to reduce water-related injuries and drowning deaths. In a united effort to…

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