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Bird of the Week: Green Heron

The Green Heron is our featured #BirdoftheWeek.  With its squat posture, shaggy crest and glossy greenish back, this small heron is a sight to behold.  In April, the male Green Heron arrives to their northern breeding grounds and establishes nesting territory in a swampy patch or in a forest near water. A super cool fact about the Green Heron is they are one of the few bird species known to use tools! These birds often create fishing lures with bread crusts, insects, and feathers, dropping them on the surface of the water to attract small fish.  Additionally, Green Herons usually hunt by wading in shallow water, but they have been known to dive for deep-water prey and swim back to shore.  They use the webs between their middle and outer toes to paddle.

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