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Bird of the Week: Baltimore Oriole

If you see a flash of orange and black flitting through the trees, it just might be a Baltimore Oriole. Named in 1808, the colors of the male oriole resembled those on the coat of arms of George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, who was part of the Calvert family that established the Maryland colony in the 17th century. Even though they may have a noble heritage, the Baltimore Oriole is better known for its nest. The nest is a wonderful feat of avian engineering, resembling a sock hanging from a tree, woven together from slender fibers. The female weaves the nest, usually 3 to 4 inches deep, with a small opening on top and a bulging bottom chamber, where her eggs will rest. To find out more about how Baltimore Orioles build their hanging nests, visit To hear oriole songs and calls visit

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