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Visitors Safe and No Injuries Reported After Incident at Eastwood Beach, Stony Creek Metropark

June 16, 2022

Huron-Clinton Metroparks’ number one priority is the safety of our staff and every single person who visits our parks. The Metroparks are a place where all visitors are welcome, and our highest importance is to make sure every visitor feels safe, comfortable, and has a positive experience at all times.

Unfortunately, yesterday, June 15, Huron-Clinton Metroparks Police responded to an incident at Eastwood Beach in Stony Creek Metropark. The beach area was crowded due to high heat, and Metroparks Police were monitoring the crowds as protocol to maintain public safety when they witnessed a crowd forming and a single shot fired from inside a vehicle. Police responded immediately and recovered the weapon. No visitors or staff were harmed during the incident and three suspects were taken into custody.

Metroparks Police officers utilized their training and responded appropriately to control the scene and crowd that had formed. Thanks to the quick actions of those police officers, everyone went home safe, including the teenager who admitted to firing the weapon, who was later released to their parents.

“We know we have a huge responsibility in public safety and trust, and incidents like this weigh heavily on all of us. I am extremely proud of our police officers for acting quickly and appropriately. Their response prevented the situation from escalating differently, and that’s the type of practice that keeps our parks safe every day.” Says Metroparks Director, Amy McMillan.

Questions have been brought up about the presence and allowance of weapons in the Metroparks. All visitors are required to comply with park rules, which include prohibiting any bow and arrow, slingshot, pellet gun, air rifle, fireworks, explosives, or other dangerous substances within the boundaries of any park, but the Metroparks are prohibited by state law MCL 123.1102 from regulating the possession and carry of firearms in the parks.

“We are thankful to our visitors for the role they play in notifying us when issues are happening so that we can quickly respond and resolve them. We know these types of situations can be alarming, and we are grateful that nobody was hurt.” Says Metroparks Police Chief, Michael Reese. “We want to thank the Macomb County Sherriff’s Department and Shelby Township Police Department for their quick arrival and assistance in responding to last night’s incident.”

Authorities are still working to investigate the incident. Eastwood Beach will remain closed today and tomorrow (June 16 and 17).

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