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Top 10 Reasons to Keep Metroparks on Your Mind in the Winter

Winter is the perfect time for the cold-weather fans to get out to your Metroparks for an adventure.  But did you know, it also a great time for those who would rather avoid the cold, to get outside and make some new memories?  Here are 10 reasons why your Metroparks are a great place to visit this winter.

Hike-Bike Trails: If you want to get outside for a breath of fresh air, your Metroparks Hike-Bike Trails are the place to visit.  The paved Hike-Bike Trails are maintained all winter long.  That means they are cleared and salted as needed for your safe enjoyment by foot, bike, handcycle, wheelchair or stroller.

Sledding: Did someone say snow day?  Your Metroparks have great sledding hills. Load up the kids and sleds and come on out to coast down our hills, making great memories and wearing out the kiddos.

Cross-Country Skiing: Swish, swish, swish… that’s the sound of your cross-country skis gliding over the snow.  You can be a beginner or a long-time skier at your Metroparks.  No equipment? – No worries! Some parks even have affordable cross-country ski rentals for the whole family.  So, explore the parks in a new way this season. Oh wait, we forgot to mention that Huron Meadows Metropark can make its own snow when the conditions are right too, so even if Mother Nature doesn’t deliver the snow – we can.

Ice Fishing: Grab your shanty, bucket, pole and bait and head out to your Metroparks for some ice fishing.  When ice is thick enough, we provide the perfect place to drop your line in the water and catch some fish.

Views: You won’t find better sunrises or sunsets then at your Metroparks.  Winter brings with it the opportunity to catch some pretty amazing beginnings and endings to your day.  Think about getting up a little earlier, enjoying a breath of fresh air, a cup of coffee and watching the sun rise at your Metroparks.  We promise it won’t disappoint.

Wildlife: We have busy wildlife all season long.  From deer to birds to squirrels, you can come out and catch our wildlife at work in the winter foraging for food, enjoying a sunshine break or gather items to reinforce their homes. Pack your camera or your binoculars and see for yourself.

Hiking: Taking a winter hike gets the blood pumping and lets you view a favorite trail in a new season.  With over 250 miles of trails, you can get your blood pumping, take in the sights and enjoy winter on a favorite – or new – trail.

Programs: Our interpretive staff is ready to take you on an educational adventure in winter!  From evening owl prowls to tracking hikes to bonfire chats, you can come out and enjoy a program in winter and learn something new too. Facial coverings and social distancing will be required.

Farm Centers: Just because the cold weather and snow have hit, doesn’t mean our Farm Centers close.  Come on out to the Farm and see what our resident animals are doing this season.  They love getting visitors!

Fat Tire Biking: Ever seen a bike whose tires just seemed extra wide, or “fat”. Then you may have seen a fat tire bike. They are made for crossing snow covered mountain bike trails, so the sport doesn’t have to end when the snow flies. Trolley Trails at Stony Creek Metropark offers an unmatched experience even in winter.

Whether you are with your family sledding or you are out for a winter jog or catching the sunlight reflect off freshly fallen snow, your Metroparks is the place to make memories that will last a lifetime – all year long.

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