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Bird of the Week: Black-capped Chickadee

You can find the Black-capped Chickadee year-round in Michigan. It is identified by its large round head with a smaller body. The Chickadee is easily recognized by its coloration- a black bib (throat area), beak and head, with white cheeks. It’s wings and backside are gray in color while the chest is white. Chickadee calls are very identifiable since they are calling out their name, “chickadee-dee-dee”. If you hear more “dee” notes, this is their warning call and there is likely a predator nearby. When you drive through the Metroparks you may notice Bluebird boxes, they are usually located in grassy areas for Eastern Bluebirds to nest in. Sometimes, Black-capped Chickadees can be found in these nesting boxes. To learn how to make your own nest box for the Black-capped Chickadee or another species, visit NestWatch. Keep an eye out for Chickadee Chow Down Programs held at Kensington Nature Center!


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