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Woodland Wonders

Some are heard, but most are rarely seen. These elusive woodland creatures are common in the woods, but most are sneaky, well camouflaged, or nocturnal. If you are lucky enough to spot one of these “woodland wonders,” consider yourself fortunate.

The leaf litter on the forest floor provides endless insects for the Wood Thrush; while the Southern Flying Squirrel prefers foraging in the tree tops for insects, seeds and even bird eggs.

A Wood Thrush is perched on a branch on the ground. Rondeau Provincial Park, Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada.A flying squirrel clings to the side of a tree near a corn feeder on a summer night in eastern Illinois





The up-turned snout of a Hognose Snake is used to burrow into soft, sandy soil in search of toads.

Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

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