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Wild Wednesday: Turkey Tail Fungus

November 30, 2022 Erika Van Kirk, Interpreter The Other Turkey, Turkey Tail Fungus Since this mushroom shares a name with something else that might be on our minds in the month of November, it’s worth looking at what it has…

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Bird of the Week: Hooded Merganser

November 28, 2022  If Michigan were to ever select a state waterfowl, the Hooded Merganser would be an excellent candidate. Although this elegant bird can be found across most of the United States and southern Canada, the largest population numbers…

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Bird of the Week: Wild Turkey

November 24, 2022 While you’re gobbling down your Thanksgiving dinner here are some facts about the Wild Turkey to amaze your dinner guests! Turkeys make a variety of sounds, but only the males, called Toms, make the distinctive gobbling sound.…

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Bird of the Week: Northern Shoveler

November 14, 2022 If the Northern Shoveler’s bill doesn’t catch your eye, the male's blocky colors sure will, with its bright white chest, rusty sides, and green head it’s hard to miss. The female is no less interesting with a…

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Bird of the Week: Ring-necked Duck

October 31, 2022 This bird’s common name Ring-necked Duck refers to a hard-to-see chestnut collar on its black neck. It’s not a good field mark to use for identifying the bird, so don’t go looking for this ring around its…

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Wild Wednesday: Halloween Pennant Dragonfly

by Samantha Volz October 26, 2022  As you take a stroll around the pond you notice what looks like a colorful butterfly fluttering by, or perhaps a tiny jack-o-lantern…or maybe it was just the Halloween Pennant Dragonfly. Pennant dragonflies are…

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Bird of the Week: Eastern Screech-Owl

October 24, 2022 Have you ever been outside at night, surrounded by trees with water nearby and hear a “whinny” coming from nearby or above you? It is very likely that you heard an Eastern Screech Owl! You can hear…

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Wild Wednesday: Candy-striped Leafhopper

October 19, 2022 Theia Calidris, Interpreter It’s a sunny day in the garden as I work my way around the flower beds and fight with the water hose as I water my plants.  A splash of color catches my attention;…

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Bird of the Week: Yellow-Rumped Warbler

October 10, 2022 The Yellow-Rumped Warbler is a common sight during migration, partly due to their abundance and partly due to their striking appearance. Eastern Yellow-Rumped Warblers, known as “Myrtles,” have a white throat and black eyespot that give them…

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