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Everyone in the pool!

Metroparks partnered with Organizations in Southeast Michigan to teach kids how to swim. Your Metroparks are committed to improving water safety so that all Michiganders can safely and confidently enjoy the pools, lakes and rivers our state has to offer.…

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Bird of the Week: Swamp Sparrow

Walking along the border of a wetland you may hear the sweet, musical-yet-monotonous trill of the Swamp Sparrow. Much of their body is a mix of unassuming earth tones: black, brown, and gray dominate their back, while their underside tends…

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Bird of the Week: Killdeer

This quick-stepping, lawn-loving shorebird seems to be full of contradictions. While most members of the plover family spend their time on Michigan’s beaches and shorelines, making laying eggs and raising young in the sand, the Killdeer can most easily be…

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