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Climate Action in #YourMetroparks

November 23, 2022 Erin Parker, Interpretive Services Supervisor Warm November days in Michigan brought record-setting observations of things like monarch butterflies flying by and black swallowtail caterpillars lingering in still-green gardens. While a single warmer-than-average season doesn’t indicate anything other…

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Aquatic Invasives: Phragmites

Jesica Jurj, Interpretive Intern, August 10, 2022 What are invasive species? Our Great Lakes region is full of diverse and rich wildlife that are crucial to the health of Michigan wetland ecosystems. There is a wide variety of plants and…

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Fighting for the Great Lakes Coastal Wetland

Author: Kevin Arnold, Southern District Interpretive Supervisor In an earlier article, Community Outreach Interpreter Lisa Parsons wrote about “Celebrating Our Local Wetlands.” Here at Lake Erie Metropark, we are also “fighting” for one of our local wetlands, the Great Lakes…

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Rich and Diverse Wetlands

Victoria Taylor Sluder, HCMA District Interpretive Services Supervisor- Western District “What are these tiny biting gnats? Is there something in my yard that attracts them or is this a seasonal thing that everyone just deals with? Wind doesn't seem to…

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Celebrating Our Local Watersheds

Author: Lisa Parsons, Community Outreach Interpreter How does one celebrate the majestic, breathtaking 130-mile long Huron River extending from the Huron Swamp in Springfield Township near Indian Springs Metropark in White Lake all the way down to Lake Erie, near…

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Water Footprints

Author: Victoria Taylor Sluder, HCMA District Interpretive Services Supervisor We all have a water footprint. In the same way that environmental groups talk about “carbon footprints” and greenhouse gases, the activities and choices of people leave their marks on another…

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