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Bird of the Week: American Crow

As Halloween approaches, our thoughts turn to the spookier animals around us and for some that includes the American Crow. Several things about crows make them one of the perfect Halloween animals. Crows are all black in color and their harsh grating caw is not known for its beauty. When driving, people often see crows eating roadkill, which adds to their macabre demeanor. In reality, carrion makes up only a small part of the crow’s diet. Even the name for a group of crows, a murder, is eerie. But crows get a bad rap as they are one of the most intelligent bird species. Recent studies have shown, in some respects, crows are as smart as a seven-year-old child. For example, crows can fasten tools, understand analogies, exercise self-control and like to play – all signs of what humans would call intelligence. This article from Natural Habitat Adventures has more about crow intelligence: To hear crow calls visit:

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