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2020 Pass Trade Up Program

This year, we have a new Trade Up Program for annual passes.

Here is how it works - You can keep your daily pass(es) and use them to trade up to an annual pass. That means, you can present your daily pass(es) for a full-face value credit off your annual pass. Two daily passes gets you twice the credit. Three gets you three times the credit... And four, you got it, means you can trade up for a regular annual pass at no extra cost.

The nitty gritty details you need to know:

  • 1 to 4 daily vehicle passes can be traded up towards a regular annual vehicle pass or 1 to 3 daily vehicle passes traded up towards a senior annual vehicle pass.
  • 1 to 4 daily boat passes can be traded up towards a regular boat annual pass or 1 to 3 daily boat passes traded up towards a senior annual boat pass.
  • 1 to 4 daily passes of either vehicle or boat can be traded up towards a regular vehicle/boat combo annual pass or 1 to 3 daily passes of either vehicle or boat traded up towards an senior vehicle/boat combo annual pass.
  • The Trade Up Program does not apply to the Metroparks/Oakland County combo pass.
  • Each daily pass is valid for a $10 credit. There is no cash back.
  • All daily passes must be from separate days this year between January 1 and July 31.
  • We have extended this program to last through the end of Summer 2020.
  • You can trade up at any Metroparks office or toll booth.

Come on out and enjoy your Metroparks and know that after you enjoy your first, second, third or even fourth visit you can trade up to an entire year of fun!

For questions please contact any park office or email

Pass Scanning

Here at your Huron-Clinton Metroparks, we’re committed to serving the community we call home: Southeast Michigan. We’ve implemented a new system to help us better understand who’s using the Metroparks and how we can better meet the needs of everyone across the community. We now ask for ZIP codes when daily or annual passes are sold, so we’re able to track which ZIP codes our visitors are coming from and which Metroparks they’re visiting. This information will help us understand who’s currently using the Metroparks and who’s not. Which will allow us to create better amenities, experiences and programming to attract more visitors every year. We understand people are concerned about privacy these days. We share your concerns. Which is why we’re only capturing ZIP codes. It’s also why, if you’re uncomfortable sharing your ZIP code with us, we respect your choice. Thanks for supporting the Metroparks.

Senior Passes

Senior Passes (62+) require ID verification and can be purchased at any Metropark Toll Booth, Golf Course, Park Office or Interpretive Center.

Annual Vehicle Passes

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