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Open Fields

Thanks to an abundance of sunlight and rich soils, these open fields are home to many unique plants. Different sedges, milkweed, New York Ironweed and a variety of goldenrod species create a lush habitat for insects, amphibian, birds and mammals. Many plants and animals species that depend on these fields are evidence of the Oak Openings and Lakeplain Prairies that once dominated this area.

New York Ironweed provides much needed nectar to many insects, including the Regal Fritillary butterfly.

New York Ironweed plant.  Regal Fritillary Butterfly drinking nectar from a New York Ironweed.

Thanks to their excellent camouflage and secretive habits, these elusive reptiles are rarely seen in Oakwoods.

Box Turtle camouflaged in the leaves and debris of the woods ground.

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