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Submit one form for each trail you log miles! Be sure to include your selfie for the Challenge Trails you visit to earn the badge. At the bottom of the form choose the Challenge Trail you are loading a selfie of on the form, or if you are logging miles on a different trail simply choose none.

Remember, the leaderboard is generally update weekly on Wednesdays by the end of the day.

Trail Challenge
Located in your Metroparks Account when registering. You can find it when you log into your account from the Your Account button at the top of the website.
Name you would like to be listed as on the Leaderboard. It should stay the same each time you submit the form.

Maximum file size: 10MB

Be sure to include the Challenge Trail sign in your selfie to earn the Challenge Trail badge for that park.
Photo Release
Challenge Trail Completed
Please choose the Challenge Trail that matches the selfie you are uploading to this form. If no selfie was uploaded or you are adding miles on a different trail, choose None.
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