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SEA LIFE Michigan Protecting Local Endangered Species, The Lake Sturgeon

Image by SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium

SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium partnered with the Department of Natural Resources to help conserve local creatures. Lake sturgeon are hatched in the spring at the Black Lake fish hatchery right here in Michigan. SEA LIFE Michigan then receives the young lake sturgeon. Over winter, they grow and in the spring they are released back into their native home, Black Lake. SEA LIFE provides environmental enrichment while they are on-site, which helps give the young sturgeon the skills to survive in the wild. Through this program, SEA LIFE is able to help repopulate a threatened species, collect and report data on sturgeon behavior, growth and husbandry best practices.

SEA LIFE Michigan also offers classes for schools and homeschoolers on the endangered Michigan lake sturgeon.  During these classes, not only are students exposed to a local fish, they get to explore the lake sturgeon’s adaptations and anatomy as well as the lake sturgeon’s lifecycle.  Students also get to investigate reasons these fish are endangered and ways that they can help!  Lake sturgeon are extremely important to Michigan’s lakes because they eat decaying matter and invasive mussels!  Here are some tips on ways that you can help local lake sturgeon

Join us in protecting local lake surgeon by following these tips:

  • Avoid eating sturgeon meat and caviar
  • Clean all of your recreational equipment to help prevent the spread of invasive species and diseases
  • Reduce litter on the ground and in the lakes
  • Only fish for lake sturgeon if you have a permit and return any accidental catches of lake sturgeon
  • Call the Report-All-Poaching number if you see anything that could harm Michigan’s sturgeon population

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