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Planning and Development Department Updates

Park Master Plans Completed

With the approval of the Dexter-Huron and Delhi Metroparks Master Plan in November 2018 by the Metroparks Board of Commissioners, the Planning and Development Department is proud to announce that the three-year process for developing master plans for all 13 Metroparks is complete. All plans are available on the Planning and Development page on the Metroparks website. Nina Kelly, chief of planning and development will provide bi-annual reports to Metroparks Board members on the progress made toward completion of the projects identified within these master plans beginning in 2019.

Sustainability at the Metroparks

In August 2018, the Metroparks created a Sustainability Committee consisting of operations and administrative staff. A kick-off meeting was held to discuss updating the internal sustainability report, which was completed in 2016.

The updated document reinforces the Metroparks blueprint for sustainability actions moving forward and embodies the primary goal to prioritize realistic, actionable projects that can be monitored and quantified. “It will be a living document, changing as opportunities and obstacles shift in the years to come,” said Nina Kelly, chief of planning and development for the Metroparks. “The Sustainability Committee will continue to meet to ensure valuable input and review issues from many different perspectives in the organization and the diverse interests of the public we serve.”

The Sustainability Committee has articulated three broad categories of sustainability projects to work towards over the next 10 years: education and awareness, resource management and waste management.

Projects have been separated into areas of focus, which are further separated into specific short-term, medium-term and long-term projects. The short-term projects (less than one year) build upon organizational practices already in place and require little extra investment. The medium-term projects (two-five years) require some operational changes and the associated education and follow-through. The long-term projects (six to 10 or more years) build on earlier efforts; however, they are broader and more ambitious.

System Planner Jason Bibby will serve as the Metroparks Sustainability Coordinator. After the updated Sustainability Report is presented to the Metroparks Board on Dec. 13, it will be posted on the Metroparks website.

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