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Hiking Leaderboard

This leaderboard is updated every Wednesday at 3 p.m.

UsernameMilesMileage GoalPopular Trail
WildlifeBioGal9.35129Woodland Trail
Jrenwalk8.98200Willow Hike-Bike Trail
Kelseyrae8.5100Deer Run
TABID8.2300Kensington Hike-Bike
AnnM73.06350Deer Run, Aspen, Wildwing
Jalexa7.7550Marsh Boardwalk
Hilsim317.4550Deer Run
mbroughton6.850Spring Hill
putz19796200Kensington Hike-bike
Adam Haberkorn6300Kensington Hike-Bike
KensingtonLove6130Kensington Nature Trails
Rfranch52.8360Nature Center Trails
Hebs5.51200Trapper’s Run
Snips5.51200Trapper’s Run
FrogSpotter4.575Lake St. Clair Nature Trail
sb1989430West River Trail
Tymitch38.08500North Trail
D335.5250Kensington Hike-Bike
Jannybaby29.7100Lower Huron Hike-Bike
lwhaven23.95100Woodland Trail
Shenobi2.8500Maltby Lake
Lclough2.2550Big Tree
jecahill2.12200Trolley Trails
Queen250Lake St. Clair Hike-Bike Trail
Princess250Lake St. Clair Hike-Bike Trail
Pink Lady2110Kent Lake (Kayak)
Doga2110Kent Lake (Kayak)
Kathyalew2100Lake St. Clair Nature
ninakelly919.7350Kensington Hike-Bike
Original Wildschwein19.38150Sheldon Trail System
Stony101217.4312Stony Creek Hike-Bike
csmith109316.75300Kensington Hike-Bike
Andyhuston16.551Lake Erie Hike-Bike
kjcooley16.05150Stony Creek Hike-Bike
Quarter Mile Gait13.9375Tamarack/Chickadee
Dragonfly13.8100Willow Hike-Bike
kathyalew11.5100Kensington Nature Trails
KArnold201810.5500Oakwoods Hike-Bike

Biking Leaderboard

This leaderboard is updated every Wednesday at 3 p.m.

UsernameMilesMileage GoalPopular Trail
SweetT99.111500Willow Hike-Bike
Adam Haberkorn7.5300Kensington Hike-Bike
Doga5.85110Kensington Hike-Bike
Pink Lady5.85110Kensington Hike-Bike
papabrad411000Kensington Hike-Bike
Lori Anne31500Three Park Connector Bike Path
Kevin Medon31500Three Park Connector Bike Path
Dave W3.7550Willow Hike-Bike
Stony101221312Stony Creek Hike-Bike
hilltopper2020136750Willow Hike-Bike

Recent Additions

This information is updated daily.

UsernameMetroparkTrailMilesDate Completed
WildlifeBioGalIndian Springs MetroparkWoodland Trail4.5May 19, 2018
MsjeroueLake St. Clair MetroparkHike-bike trail2.5May 19, 2018
bakegregWillow MetroparkHike-Bike Trail4.3May 19, 2018
QueenLake St. Clair MetroparkHike Bike2May 19, 2018
PrincessLake St. Clair MetroparkHike Bike2May 19, 2018
JessGetsIndian Springs MetroparkWoodland Trail4.5May 19, 2018
Mama ScoutHuron Meadows MetroparkHidden Lake Bend0.75May 19, 2018
D3Kensington Metroparkbike trail3May 18, 2018
TymitchKensington MetroparkAspen2.2May 18, 2018
ninakelly9Kensington MetroparkHike-bike trail from West Boat Launch1.4May 18, 2018
WildlifeBioGalIndian Springs MetroparkTurkeyfoot Trail1.75May 18, 2018
JannybabyLower Huron MetroparkHike-bike2.5May 18, 2018
KArnold2018Oakwoods MetroparkLongbark2.0May 18, 2018
SweetTWillow MetroparkWillow circle10.09May 18, 2018
WildlifeBioGalIndian Springs MetroparkCrosscut Shortcut0.9May 18, 2018
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