Celebrate the birth of our nation at seven different Metroparks on seven different nights – with Clydesdales!

June 23, 2016

Celebrate the birth of our nation at seven different Metroparks on seven different nights – with Clydesdales!

Each year, The Huron-Clinton Metroparks put on phenomenal fireworks shows to celebrate the Red, White and Blue. This year, seven nights of illuminous celebration kick off on Friday, June 24th, at Stony Creek Metropark and will be followed by six more events at six different Metroparks. Of course, the burning blasts are the reason for the season, but enjoying fireworks at one of the Metroparks is a totally unique experience. You can swim at the pools, enjoy the beach, ride a canoe or hike a trail while you’re waiting for the pyrotechnic extravaganza to begin. “The activities that go on during our fireworks gatherings are above and beyond anything that happens anywhere else,” says Metroparks Director, George Phifer. “It’s a family environment. You see families pull up early in the morning. They set up grills and tents, enjoy the beach, rent a paddleboat or go fishing, then settle in for the fireworks. It’s an all-day event.”

This year brings an exciting new addition that’s as American as apple pie. All seven Metroparks fireworks shows will feature Clydesdale horses from Greenwood Farms in Richmond, MI. “I’ve been lucky enough to see Clydesdales up close. The size, the height of the Clydesdales is just amazing. They’re truly majestic creatures,” says Phifer. “I wanted to share that experience with people who may not have had that chance. To watch the reaction of people, when they see the horses, is really something to see.” Park goers will have a chance to see the Clydesdales up close beginning at 4pm on the day of each fireworks show until 6pm, when the horses will march in a parade. From Friday, June 24 through Friday July 1, when the horses aren’t at a show, they will be available for viewing at the Kensington Metropark Farm Center.

Admission is free with an annual, $35 Metroparks pass. The cost without a pass is $10 before 5pm or $15 after 5pm.

Please RSVP if you plan on sending a crew and would like them added to our VIP list. The VIP list will allow passage into the park as well access to our hospitality tent that will provide food and beverages. If you don’t know the names of crew members, just let me know if you plan on sending a photog or a photog/reporter team and I’ll block that number of passes. I will be available, by cell phone, at all of the events. Feel free to contact me if you would like help setting up interviews or need last minute access to a show.

For more detailed information activities, please visit our website at http://www.metroparks.com/Fireworks-2016

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