Representing Macomb County

Anthony Marrocco

The Macomb County Board of Commissioners reappointed Anthony V. Marrocco, Macomb County Public Works Commissioner, to represent Macomb County on the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority Board of Commissioners for a six-year term that will end on April 30, 2017. Mr. Marrocco was first appointed to the board, to represent Macomb County, in April, 2005.

Mr. Marrocco is currently serving his fifth consecutive four-year term as Macomb County Public Works Commissioner, one of the most important roles in county government. As Public Works Commissioner, he manages the county’s drainage system of 600 drains, oversees a wastewater disposal district that provides sewer service to 11 municipalities, and directs a professional engineering department that reviews plats for every residential subdivision constructed within Macomb County.

Mr. Marrocco is also very active in environmental matters. In Macomb County, he oversees the County Soil Erosion Control Division, Illicit Discharge Elimination Program, Storm Water Management Program and Environmental Education and Services Division.

In 2004, Mr. Marrocco was honored as a recipient of the Macomb County Hall of Fame Award by the Macomb Foundation. Currently, he sits on the boards of The Ambassador Club of Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals, Macomb County Child Advocacy Center (Carehouse), and Macomb County Parks & Recreation Commission. He has served as a trustee on the Chippewa Valley School Board and as a member of the Macomb County Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Marrocco was born in Detroit. His family moved to Macomb County in 1953. He is a graduate of the University of Detroit with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. He currently resides in Clinton Township and has two married daughters and five grandchildren.

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