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2017 Summer Fun at the Metroparks

Summer Fun at the Metroparks invites youth and senior residents from across Southeast Michigan for a day of recreation and education at the Metroparks.

This summer, Summer Fun at the Metroparks hosted 4,414 participants, partnering with 140 organizations within the five-county area in southeast Michigan.

Participants enjoyed yoga, hiking, swimming and water fun, outdoor sports such as basketball, volleyball and field games, healthy food selections, water, and other healthful drink options.

Hosted by six Metroparks: Lake St. Clair, Stony Creek, Lake Erie, Lower Huron, Hudson Mills and Kensington Metropark, each park has unique features and activities available to the participants. Transportation to and from the Metropark was provided at no cost to the participating organizations.

The Metroparks could not have provided this opportunity without the generosity of our great sponsors and donors who supported the program with financial and in-kind support. Thank you for making it possible for thousands of Summer Fun participants to Get Out and Play!

2017 Summer Fun Sponsors

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